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Bone Fractures Attorney Philadelphia

Bone fractures are painful and sometimes heal without complications. Other times, the fracture leads to lifelong complications. In a personal injury case, bone fractures affect the case. The complexities of the bone fractures affect the type of witness needed, financial relief, and testimony.

At Freundlich & Littman, LLC, the bone fracture lawyers will fight for you and ensure you receive the maximum recovery. We pride ourselves on fighting for our clients no matter how complicated the injury or the case, like bone fractures. Bone fractures are often the byproducts of negligence, gross misconduct, car accidents and intentional actions. The causes of a bone fracture matter a great deal. It affects how we handle your case. Still, no matter how the injury occurred, we can assist you in your path to recovery present and future financial loss.

The point of this article is for you understand the process of recovering from a bone fracture and the importance of contacting a lawyer immediately. It is further important to understand the personal injury process, and how it affects a potential lawsuit. Please contact our office today to speak with an accident lawyer to answer any questions about bone fractures and your legal case.

Types Of Lawsuits

A bone fracture lawsuit can come about in several ways. For instance, say you the bone fracture come as a result of a car accident. The other driver involved was at fault. The other driver is liable for your damage. Your Insurance company should compensate you for your medical bills, but they will not compensate you for your pain and suffering, wage loss or other damages you have suffered. In order to get proper compensation from the person that caused the accident, you have to file a claim with their insurance company or file suit directly against the wrong doer. We highly recommend contacting an experienced accident attorney right after an accident. It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies seek to maximize profits, they do this by denying claims or paying out as little as possible. Only an experienced bone fracture lawyer can guide you through the process to maximize your recovery.

The first step after an accident is to handle insurances. Contact your own insurance first following any accident. If the accident occurred at your job, contact your boss and follow their procedures for filing a workman’s compensation claim.

We assist clients with many types of lawsuits. If you need to sue your insurance company, or the person that cause your injuries, we can help. Contact the bone fracture lawyers at Freundlich & Littman at 215-545-8500 today for more information.

What Does A Bone Fracture Case Look Like?

Once the injury takes place, the injured party, or the plaintiff, makes the decision to file a lawsuit. You could file and handle the case by yourself, or pro se. Unlike a criminal trial, you do not have a right to an attorney. For civil cases, you make the choice to bring one. Due to the complexities of the law, it is, therefore, advisable to get an attorney to handle your case. An experienced legal team will have the knowledge and expertise to handle personal injury cases to maximize your recovery.

Once a court dockets the case, the trial process will start. There is a period of discovery where you will likely give a deposition to the opposing side or defendants. The deposition process is under the penalty of perjury, but your lawyer will be present during it. The parties exchange documents and information, and a court date is set. After the parties hash out initial issues in front of the judge, the case comes before a jury of your peers. Some parties opt for a trial before a judge, so prepare yourself that this could happen.

The civil process is hard to understand, especially if you have never been through it before. This is just a general overview of the trial process. The entire process from inception to the verdict can take a number of years depending on legal complexities, so keep that in mind. Also, keep in mind that the accident lawyers at Freundlich & Littman will be at your side the entire time. We fight hard for our clients and want to make sure they understand the process every step of the way.

Bone Fracture Lawyers

Bone fractures can be simple, like a small fracture in your hand. Likewise, if an accident causes many fractures in your legs, you are looking at months of physical therapy. A month without income. Disability payments barely make a dent in your everyday bills, let alone your mounds of medical bills. You will need help recovering money from responsible parties. It can be difficult working with an insurance company, workmen’s compensation, or a negligent party.

We are your bone fracture Philadelphia attorneys. We fight for our clients so they can rest up. Our clients deserve to rest up and get better without worry of their pending legal battles. Do not wait until the bills become unbearable. Do not wait for your insurance company to give you the runaround.

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