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Philadelphia Automotive Insurance Claims Lawyers

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Philadelphia Automotive Insurance Claims Lawyers

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Automotive Insurance Claims

You can get insurance for just about anything – including your car. People tend to not think about their actual insurance policies until it comes time to make a claim.

We at Freundlich & Littman, LLC are your automotive insurance claim attorneys. We are here to help you through the process.

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Insurance 101

An insurance claim is where you contact your car insurance company after an incident occurred. You make a claim to your insurance money. You pay money towards your insurance policy each month. Most States including Pennsylvania and New Jersey require drivers to carry automotive insurance. Make sure to get out your insurance policy and review it.

Make sure you understand everything in your policy. Understanding your policy will save you a headache later. It is better to understand a complicated policy when you have a clear head than try to piece it together during a stressful time.

If you have any questions or need advice, contact your automotive insurance representative today. Insurance companies generally want you to understand their policies, too. It saves them future headaches as well. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies dedicate effort to quality customer service.

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Minimum Coverage

According to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, the minimum coverage allowed by law is:

  • “Medical Benefits: This pays medical bills for you and others covered on your policy regardless of fault. The minimum limit is $5,000 of coverage. Higher limits are available.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: If you injure someone in a car accident, this coverage pays their medical and rehabilitation expenses and any damages for which you are found liable. The minimum limit is $15,000/ $30,000. The $15,000 pays for injuries to one person, while the $30,000 represents the total available for one accident.
  • Property Damage Liability: If you damage someone’s property in an accident and you are at fault, this coverage pays for it. The minimum limit is $5,000 of coverage. Some companies offer a single limit of $35,000, which meets the bodily injury liability and property damage liability minimum requirements.”

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