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Philadelphia Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers

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Philadelphia Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers

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Homeowners Insurance Claims

Home insurance is one insurance you do not want to be without. As the saying goes, your home is your castle. In medieval times, we protected our homes with moats and drawbridges. Now, the best way to protect our castles is through a homeowner’s insurance policy. These policies protect us against financial ruin if something should render our homes uninhabitable.

Though this is the idea, home insurance companies are not without their own share of problems. Freundlich & Littman, LLC are your homeowner’s insurance claims lawyers of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. If you are in need of a lawyer to fight your homeowner’s insurance claim, do not despair. We are able to assist you immediately in your fight to protect your home and finances.

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What Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover?

Homeowner’s insurance is an insurance policy available to individuals to protect their home against disasters, accidents and theft. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers the cost of repairing your home if it is damaged or destroyed by disasters such as fire, lightning, hail or hurricanes.

Homeowner’s insurance policies often include coverage for “detached structures” such as a shed, for a limited amount of the insurance coverage available. It will also cover personal items stolen or destroyed by disasters such as those mentioned above. This coverage also includes personal belongings stored outside of the home, but it is important to note that there are dollar limits for expensive items such as jewelry. Standard homeowner’s insurance covers the homeowner’s liability for injury or property damage caused to other people. Finally, a homeowner’s insurance policy covers additional living expenses (ALE) if you cannot live at your house while it is being repaired.

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What Is Not Covered By Homeowner's Insurance?

It is equally important to note what is not covered under standard homeowner’s insurance policies, because there are common exclusions. The most notable damage which is not covered is damage resulting from an earthquake or flood – these are separate causes of damage which are regulated by the Federal Emergency Management System and are not included in a homeowner’s insurance policy. However, you can get flood insurance and some areas that are susceptible to flooding require it. Routine wear and tear is also generally excluded.


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When to Use An Attorney to File My Homeowner's Insurance Claim

Every insurance policy is unique to the property being insured and the insurer providing coverage – while these standard terms are common across policies, it is still important to be aware of what specific coverage is offered in your homeowner’s insurance policy.

If you need to file a claim, check out our informational page on property damage claims – the steps for filing a homeowner’s claim are similar.

If you wish to have your policy reviewed, or you have filed a claim and the insurance company is not providing coverage, the insurance attorneys at Freundlich and Littman, LLC., are happy to help. Call us today at 215-545-8500 or email us at to schedule a free consultation.

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