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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers

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Tort/Personal Injury

Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers

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FAQs about Construction Accident Legal Cases

Who should I report an accident on a construction site to?

After contacting local authorities, you can further report any incident on a construction site to either your union or one of your local organizations. It is important that the cause of your injury and the injury itself is well documented.

Can I sue a contractor for negligence?

Yes, but your rights and recovery amount will largely depend on the nature of the contractors negligence and the resulting damages to your property. Additionally, it is important to ensure that your contractor is well insured so that it is more likely you can recover if they are negligent.

Who is responsible for making accident reports on site?

Governing bodies place the responsibility of reporting serious workplace accidents on employers, the self-employed and people in control of work sites.

Construction is a necessary yet dangerous part of the modern world. Whether the construction is commercial or residential, construction workers know the dangers associated with the job. Besides the long-term back and shoulder problems, construction workers face immediate dangers. Construction workers face a series of problems after a work-related accident. Besides the obvious injury-related side effects, a construction worker must prove liability. In a workmen’s compensation action or personal injury lawsuit, the contractor bears the burden.

In the construction field, it is not always clear who holds liability. For a simple job on a residential house, the case is less complicated. On a commercial or government project, it is not always clear who is in charge. A job might use more than one construction company to complete a job. Let the construction accident lawyers at Freundlich & Littman, LLC worry about the law. You worry about resting up. Let us work to compensate your mounting medical bills.

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Common Construction Accident Claims

Roofers face some of the most dangerous construction work on a daily basis. The sun barrels down on their backs. Heat exhaustion is a real possibility for roofers. Roofing tiles are heavy. Perhaps the biggest threat to roofers is height. Whether from a slip or a medical event, roofers fall off the top of buildings. The likelihood of death is high from neck injuries alone. If death does not occur, roofers are looking at long-term medical care.

Another danger is faulty equipment. If the business owner is cheap, they may use unsafe equipment. The equipment should pass the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety standards. Faulty equipment could injure workers or worse. Malfunctioning machinery leads to death or serious bodily injury.

Another common injury is from inhalants. Asbestos and insulation cause breathing problems without proper safety equipment. If your boss is forcing you into unsafe working conditions, give us a call before it is too late.

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Insurance And Workmen's Compensations Claims related to Construction

The biggest issue with construction accidents is the liability for the injury. For instance, you fell off a roof, causing significant injuries to your legs and lower back. A medical examination determined that you had a heart attack. The heart attack resulted from the stress of lifting heavy tiles up the ladder during July. Who pays for your injuries? Will your health insurance pay? Will workmen’s compensation pay? Does the building owner have any liability? Was there more than one general contractor on the property?

Each construction accident is unique. Without knowing the specifics of a case, it is impossible to tell who is liable. This is where legal counsel is necessary. Seek a construction accident lawyer immediately.

Regardless of liability, you will need medical attention. Seek immediate medical attention. If your insurance company refuses to cover your injuries, you will need to file a health insurance claim. For any potential legal claim, take pictures of your injuries and keep medical reports.

Workmen’s compensation is available to workers injured on the job. Seek medical help and inform them of your workmen’s compensation. Instead of your personal insurance, your employer’s workmen’s compensation insurance will take care of the cost. Contact the Human Resources department at your job. They will tell you how to file a claim for workmen’s compensation.

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I filed a claim related to a construction accident, what happens next?

After the filing of a claim, the insurance companies involved will send you notice of the status of your claim. During this time, it is important to know that you have the right to legal counsel. An insurance company or landowner may offer a settlement to you after sending the case to a claims adjuster. This number is what they think they owe you under an insurance policy. You have the right to consult them before agreeing or denying an offer.

With construction accidents, the likelihood of death or serious injury is high. It is possible that you will need to seek more compensation for lost wages. You might need to go on permanent disability or seek a wrongful death action for your lost loved one. Were you injured in a construction accident and denied adequate compensation? We can help you. We are construction accident attorneys, serving the greater Philadelphia area. If you suffered as a result of a construction accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. If a construction accident took the life of a loved one, we can help you pursue a wrongful death action. Let Freundlich & Littman, LLC help you.

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