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Philadelphia Contractual Litigation Lawyers

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Philadelphia Contractual Litigation Lawyers

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Contract Disputes

Whenever parties enter into binding legal agreements – whether to obtain certain types of insurance, to offer employment, or to enter into an agreement for the provision of professional services — disputes can later arise, often years after the fact. These disputes can cause confusion, anxiety, and the potential for serious financial losses.

Whether an individual contractor failed to provide services as agreed, or you need help interpreting and resolving an ongoing dispute with a large corporation or government entity, the team at Freundlich & Littman, LLC can provide the resources, experience, and skills to conclude the dispute in an effective way.

Frequently asked questions about contractual litigation:

  • Should I call a lawyer before drafting a contract?
    • Though not necessarily required, many parties choose to contact a lawyer to ensure that the contract is drafted properly and properly serves the parties’ purpose.
  • How long does it take to litigate a contract?
    • It depends on the contract and the number of parties. Reach out to an attorney with specific concerns regarding your case for further help.
  • Is it better to settle out of court?
    • Though settlement that takes place outside of court is usually are faster, oftentimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit to ensure that you are fully compensated and receive maximum compensation.
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Strategy & Best-Practice

Freundlich & Littman, LLC, has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in complicated commercial and business contract litigation. We can scrutinize the contract in question and design a strategy to achieve the best outcome for you, whether that means negotiation or litigation. We can also introduce you to drafting tools and better practices, so you can avoid similar disputes in the future.

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Contract Review

Whether you operate a business that contracts freelancers, agencies, and vendors on a regular basis, or you provide services in a heavily regulated industry, you likely have neither the time nor the expertise to review all of your contracts with a fine-toothed comb. Furthermore, the time, money, and energy it takes to resolve thorny disputes can frustrate your business, sap your energy and reduce profits.

Fortunately, our legal team has the talent, experience, and resources to address even the most sophisticated disputes efficiently. Our trial lawyers and litigators can help you, whether you’re struggling with the fine points of a joint venture agreement or you’re facing a breach of contract claim that could, theoretically, cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Save Time & Money

Freundlich & Littman, LLC, can empower you to conclude your dispute and return to focusing on your business and personal life. We can also streamline, clarify and triple check agreements you make going forward in order to minimize your risks of future litigation.

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