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Philadelphia Bus & SEPTA Accident Lawyers

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Tort/Personal Injury

Philadelphia Bus & SEPTA Accident Lawyers

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FAQs about Bus & Septa Accidents

How much am I entitled to for getting hit by a bus?

Each case is valued on an individual basis, varying based on several different factors, including but not limited to, the type of injury you have, how the injury has impacted your life, and how the accident occurred. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer to find out more.

Who is at fault in a bus accident?

Bus accidents are viewed similarly to most automobile accidents. If the bus driver was responsible for the accident, then you can legally pursue compensation from them.

Can you sue a bus driver?

If the bus driver was responsible for the accident, then it is either the bus company or the driver themselves that can be held liable. The laws vary also depending on whether it was a public or private company which is why it is important to contact an experienced attorney to review your case today.

Can you sue public transportation?

You have the right to file an injury claim or bus accident lawsuit against any provider of transportation that may be responsible for any damage occurred. This includes government agencies.

In the city of Philadelphia, there are two kinds of buses – SEPTA and non-Septa. Either way, both kinds of buses are likely to cause you injury. In the modern world, accidents are frequent and all too common occurrence. Bus accidents in Philadelphia can cause damage to other motorists on the road, and worse, injuries to pedestrians inside and outside the bus. In the worst cases these accidents can be fatal, but usually the pain and financial cost of bus accidents are overwhelming. The medical bills alone are crippling. Adding insult to injury, you will likely be out of work for some time. We can help. No matter the situation that caused the injury, do not worry. You have avenues to seek full compensation for your injuries.

At Freundlich & Littman, LLC, we are aware of the damage caused by bus accidents and specialize in these types of personal injury claims.

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What should I do after a SEPTA or bus accident?

Following a bus accident, your first concern should be the safety and well-being of yourself and others. Follow the procedure as directed by emergency personnel. If you need it, immediately seek medical attention. Use your judgment.

A bus accident can lead to brain damage, neck injuries from whiplash, and other physical injuries. Bus accidents can be fatal. To reduce injury to your neck and spine, resist the urge to move unless you need to reach safer ground. It is possible to walk around with neck and spine injuries without knowing you have them. Seek emergency help to avoid further damage to your body.

Even if you do not need medical attention, call 911. The police will make an incident report about the accident. Ask for a copy of the report if you are not given one. Keeping these in your records will be helpful during the insurance claim process and help ensure that your rights are protected.

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SEPTA-Related Bus Accidents

SEPTA is the most common bus provider in Philadelphia. A SEPTA-related incident differs from a bus accident from Greyhound or MEGA bus. If your bus accident relates to SEPTA, know that certain limitations bar you from complete recovery. Moreover, understand that the submission of a claim will require you to fill out specific paperwork otherwise not required in a normal accident.

The law caps a SEPTA plaintiff at $250,000. That may seem like a lot, but medical bills add up quickly. To make things more difficult, the law caps SEPTA passengers in a multi-passenger accident. The cap is a firm $1,000,000 per accident. Passengers must share the $1,000,000 compensation for their injuries. If there were a lot of passengers in an accident, that money can disappear fast.

SEPTA is a pseudo-government agency. SEPTA enjoys certain legal protections. These legal protections seem unfair, but they exist to protect government agencies. If you need further explanation on your potential legal claim against SEPTA, do not hesitate to contact our offices for more information. Our SEPTA bus accident lawyers are here to assist you, let us help you navigate the claim process and get you the recovery you deserve.

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Non-SEPTA Related Bus Accidents

After having sought medical assistance, it is important that you properly notify your insurance companies. It is always suggested that you contact a lawyer before notifying your insurance provider as insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. However, it is important that your insurance company is notified quickly of the accident. Call them as soon as possible after the incident to keep the details fresh in your mind. They will ask you basic information about yourself as well as the nitty-gritty details of the accident. The best practice is complete honesty. Attempting to defraud an insurance company can land you in criminal trouble.

Your insurance company may assign your claim to an insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster assigns a value to your claim. Their job is to sort through potentially fraudulent claims to find the valid ones. An adjuster’s job is to also save the insurance company money. They are, after all, a business and that is why it is highly recommended to have an attorney to help you navigate the process.

They will contact you and ask you questions about your claim. Again, be honest with them. The insurance representative or adjuster will likely offer you an initial settlement. This settlement is just that- an offer to settle your claim. You are not obligated to do so at that stage. If the insurance adjuster or representative tells you otherwise, do not hesitate to contact legal advice. Contact legal advice especially if you feel entitled to more money or the insurance company is denying your claim.

Insurance claims can get denied for many reasons. The common reasons are mistakes in the filing, abnormal costs for repairs, inadequate coverage, or some complicated loophole in your insurance plan. Insurance companies are constantly looking for fraudulent claims. Insurance companies tend to deny a claim because something does not appear to be completely legal – at least on paper.

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