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Philadelphia Flood Damage Insurance Claim Lawyers

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Philadelphia Flood Damage Insurance Claim Lawyers

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Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Heavy, torrential rains cause a lot of damage. Your property, your cars, and even your life lie in the balance during a flood. Does your home insurance policy cover flood damage? When your property gets lost or damaged in the flood, insurance policies mitigate financial loss. Insurance policies require monthly premiums. Those premiums go towards any future claims. You pay that money and rely on your insurance company.

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Lodging Flood Damage Claims With Insurance Companies

After a flood damages your property, your next step is to get in touch with a flood insurance attorney. Insurance companies have their own interests to take care of. An attorney will protect you during the claim process. The next step is to contact your insurance company to file a claim for the damages.

With physical damage, the best method to ensure compensation is to have evidence. After the flood, take pictures of all the damage. Your flood damage lawyer may request specific pictures. Until directed to do so, do not discard any photo evidence of the flood damage.

Keep any evidence related to the flood. Evidence includes pictures, forms, or communications with your homeowner’s insurance company. Any promises from the insurance company need to be in writing.

After lodging a claim, your flood insurance company may require additional information about the damage. In fact, you may receive a summons to appear for an examination under oath. During these, your answers to questions are under the threat of perjury. As a result, the law entitles you to an attorney. Do not hesitate to contact legal representation.

At some point, you may receive an initial offer. This is only an offer. You do not have to accept the offer. Consult legal representation prior to accepting the offer. You have options. If you feel that you deserve more compensation under your policy, you have the right to appeal or file a lawsuit. A trained flood damage lawyer is essential.

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Dangers Of Public Adjusters After A Flood

Your insurance company may send out an insurance adjuster after you make a claim. An insurance adjuster may also be a licensed adjuster with the state who is available to value your claim on your behalf. The concern is whether the insurance adjuster is after your money or has your best interest at heart.

First, make sure any public adjuster carries a valid license with the state of Pennsylvania. There are two main warning signs to distrust a so-called “public adjuster” who shows up unannounced.

Money is the objective for these fake adjusters. Beware of the public adjuster who wants the money before they work. Most public adjusters work on a contingency basis. This means they will only receive a percentage if the insurance company issues a payout.
Previously unknown damage.
No one appreciates an unannounced guest at their door. A person claiming to be a public adjuster will knock on your door after a flood. Soon, they inform you of previously unknown damage to your home. If you see no damage or the damage was not known to you, you should be suspicious of this revelation. The game is to weasel out money for small claims. Homeowners pay the adjusters money up front. The person pokes around to make it seem as they are working and make promises to contact your insurance on your behalf. Then, you never hear from them again.

If you were the victim of a public adjuster scam, contact an attorney immediately to review your options.

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Flood Damage Insurance Claims Lawyers

If a civil conversation with your insurance company does not work, contact us right away. We service the greater Philadelphia area and staff experience flood insurance claims attorneys. If you need to lodge an appeal or file a lawsuit against your insurance company, contact us. Contact Freundlich & Littman today to schedule an appointment.

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