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Philadelphia Juvenile Crime Lawyers

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Personal Offenses

Philadelphia Juvenile Crime Lawyers

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Juvenile Crimes

A juvenile is a minor under the age of 18. Juvenile crime is often seen as “kids being kids.” This sentiment does not make the juvenile crime any less serious in the eyes of the law. As a parent, you want your child to grow up safe. Not all kids have that luxury. If your child experiences a brush with the law, know there is hope for redemption.

We at Freundlich & Littman, LLC are your ally. If you need a juvenile crime lawyer for your child, we can help. Juvenile crime should not indicate your child’s entire life. When a juvenile becomes an adult they can have their criminal record erased or expunged. (See our article on Expungement for further information). Until the juvenile turns 18, the law subjects the juvenile to certain laws. If your child found themselves involved in a juvenile crime or status offense, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What Is A Juvenile Crime?

There are two main types of juvenile crime. The first is any crime committed by a person under the age of 18.

The second category is a “status offense”. These crimes are not crimes that an adult commits, by definition. The law restricts juveniles from certain acts. A juvenile is under the regulations of their parents and the state.

Certain crimes can supersede that age limitation. For certain crimes, a juvenile is an adult in the eyes of the court. Additionally, not all juvenile crimes go to court. In many instances, external programs take over in an attempt to avoid future run-ins.

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When Can A Juvenile Be Tried As An Adult?

The prosecutor may try a juvenile who break the laws beyond status offenses as an adult. There are several instances where breaking the law means that a juvenile is automatically tried as an adult. The prosecutor may try anyone, regardless of age, as an adult for a murder charge. If a juvenile was using a weapon and was 15 years or older the prosecutor may charge them as an adult.

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Penalties For Juvenile Crimes

When juveniles end up in juvenile court over a status offense, the kinds of penalties the court may impose vary from state to state. Common penalties for status offense violations include;

A suspended license
Removal of the juvenile from their home
Hefty fines (payable by the parent or guardian)
Court-order counseling
If a juvenile violates a court order, most courts have the authority to order the juvenile to a detention facility. Courts may require that the juvenile’s parents attend counseling sessions or parenting classes.

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