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Philadelphia Public Adjuster Claim Lawyers

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Philadelphia Public Adjuster Claim Lawyers

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Public Adjuster Claims

A freak flood wreaks havoc on your home. You have insurance, yet you do not know how to proceed. How do you fight for your insurance claim? Can you trust your insurance company to handle your claim for you without delay? How do navigate the process to recover financial loss following a devastating accident? After something damages your property, your first steps are crucial. No matter the type of property in question, public adjusters can be of service. Proceed with caution, however.

To aid in their fight, homeowners turn to public adjusters. Public adjusters fight for the rights of the homeowners. Instead of fighting for homeowners, some public adjusters fight for themselves. These scammers seek to swindle money out of Pennsylvanians who are in desperate situations. At Freundlich & Littman, LLC, we fight for our clients. We know that not all public adjusters are good. If you need to file a claim against your public adjuster, reach out to us today.

We want you to be aware of warning signs. Know when a public adjuster is not the right choice.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a mediator between a claimant (the person with damaged and insured property) and the insurance company. Public adjusters have the ability to negotiate on the claimant’s behalf. In essence, the adjuster does not worry about whether the insurer will pay. Rather, a claims adjuster worries about amounts.
A claims adjuster values the damage on your property. Then, they negotiate the details with the insurance company.

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What Are Warning Signs Of A Public Adjuster?

Not all people claiming to be public adjusters are legitimate. Before agreeing to deal with a public adjuster, consider these warning signs:

Money is the end goal for false public adjusters. Beware of the public adjuster who wants the money up front. Most public adjusters contract on a contingency basis. Likewise, they will not ask for money until after the insurance company cuts the check. Any demands for money up front is a sign you should decline their offer.
Previously unknown damage.
An adjuster knocks on your door. They seem friendly enough, but they inform you that there is damage to your property. You were not aware of the damage. This is a red flag. Adjusters show up to homes in areas affected by storms. This is normal. What is not normal is a claim adjuster seeking to defend you for small claims. Insurance companies are more likely to pay out small insurance claims. An adjuster, therefore, is not necessary.
Inducement of fraud.
This goes without saying but be wary of an inducement to fraud. Any “spin” on your damage for the sake of increased money is fraud. They may even offer to cut you in on the extra profit. Do not go for this bait. Find another public adjuster.
In the state of Pennsylvania, public adjusters MUST register with the state. If they cannot provide you with proof, check under the heading “Online Resources.” The state lists registered adjusters here. If they are not on the sit, decline their services.
Forgoing the contract.
By Pennsylvania law, a public adjuster must sign a contract with the claimant. According to the Pennsylvania insurance department of public adjust contract must contain:

“You have the right to rescind the contract within three (3) calendar days after signature.
The public adjuster must disclose that their fee will come from a portion of the claims payments from your insurance company and will not be in addition to those payments..
The public adjuster is required to provide you with a copy of an estimate or report of losses and, upon your request, any supporting documentation sent to the insurance company on your behalf.
The public adjuster is not a representative or employee of the insurance company. He or she is an independent licensee of the Insurance Department.”
Public adjusters make these fraudulent claims to make money. Scammers attack the most vulnerable. Stressed out individuals are an easy target. Do not allow yourself to be further victimized. Seek legal counsel to remedy the financial pain left by a bad public adjuster.

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Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Claims

If you signed up with a public adjuster who victimized you, do not worry. We at Freundlich & Littman, LLC wish to heal the victimization. If a public adjuster ran away with your money, give us a call. A public adjuster’s job is to aid in the healing process, not to cause more wounds for the wounded.

Do not hesitate to reach out to one of our trusted and experienced lawyers today. If you are looking for Philadelphia public adjuster claims attorney, look no further. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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