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Hurricane Isaias
If you haven’t heard, Hurricane Isaias has already begun to make its way up the east coast heading North for the Tri-state area. The National Hurricane Center which has issued a warning regarding the storm predicts that when it reaches the area, the storm will carry wind gusts of up-to 50 mph and severe flash flooding. Currently Isaias is a category 1 Hurricane. Realtime updates can be found on the National Hurricane Center at:

It is important to take steps to prepare in advance in the time of COVID-19, making sure to take into account the added delays in securing supplies.

At 50mph wind gust can create structural damage, including, knocking down power lines, removing shingles on your roof, knocking over overhanging tree limbs and trees, damage siding and make houses vulnerable to flooding and water damage.

Preparation for the storm:

  • If possible, take pictures of property before the storm
  • Monitor the warning systems in the area to makes sure that your area is not in danger of flooding;
  • Make sure that you have a plan if the power goes out and make sure your cell phone is fully charged before the storm hits.
  • Stock up your home and car with emergency supplies
  • Remove or secure any loose lawn furniture where possible
  • Secure windows with boards or hurricane shutters
  • Keep checking your county website for updates
  • Be sure your home insurance is up-to-date.

The CDC also makes many other recommendations as well as provides resources and information to help ensure your safety and prevent home damage during a hurricane:

For questions or more advice on hurricane preparedness, or if your home suffers from any damage due to Hurricane Isaias, contact the law firm of Freundlich & Littman, LLC today.

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