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Sexual harassment and assault in the workplace are pervasive issues that can have devastating effects on victims and create toxic work environments. It is crucial to understand the far-reaching impacts of such actions and the importance of fostering a safe and inclusive workplace culture.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. For specific advice related to your situation, please contact our law firm specializing in workplace harassment and abuse cases in Pennsylvania.


The Magnitude of the Issue

Nationwide, 81% of women and 43% of men reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime.

Studies indicated that nearly 75% of sexual harassment cases in the workplace go unreported.


Physical and Psychological Impact

Sexual harassment and assault can lead to severe physical and mental health issues along with other negative outcomes, including:

    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Sleep Disturbances
    • Reduced Job Satisfaction and Commitment
    • Economic Consequences
    • Loss of Employment and Career Opportunities
    • Decreased Employee Productivity and Morale
    • Legal Costs and Damages for Employers
    • The Economic Repercussions of Workplace Sexual Harassment and Assault are Substantial, Affecting Individual Income and Organizational Productivity


Legal Rights and Remedies

Victims of sexual harassment and assault in Pennsylvania have the right to:

    • Report the incident without fear of retaliation.
    • Seek legal counsel to explore options for redress.
    • File a complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission if the employer fails to address the issue.


How to Seek Help

If you’ve been a victim of sexual harassment or assault at work:

    • Document Everything: Keep a detailed record of the incident(s), including dates, times, locations, and any witnesses.
    • Report Internally: Follow your company’s policy for reporting harassment or assault.
    • Seek Legal Counsel: Contact an employment lawyer to discuss your rights and legal options.


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The impacts of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace are extensive and multi-faceted, affecting individuals, organizations, and society at large. It is our collective responsibility to understand these impacts and work towards creating safer, more inclusive workplace environments.

If you are dealing with sexual harassment or assault in the workplace, know that legal help is available. Contact our law firm for specialized legal advice and support in Pennsylvania.


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